I would love to work with you and would rather not let my pricing get in the way of high-quality photography. For that reason, my prices are relatively flexible depending on what is required/requested. If your financial situation does not allow for you to pay full price please contact me and we can try to set something up. 
*Pricing is as follows:
Senior/family portraits: $150-200 (based on distance Traveled) 
Event: $100-300/day (dependent on hour worked per day)
Business advertisement: $200 (Small) - $300 (Larger)
Linked In/Networking Headshots: $50 (roughly 15-minute session)
Graduation (individual): $200
Graduation (group of 3-6): $500 total
Graduation (group 6+): $750

*Pricing does not include printing costs as this is variable, though currently, all projects are downloadable for free.

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